Readings / Lectures / Conference Papers


“Getting Started and Getting Through: Writing in a Distracting World.”  Writing Circles Discussion, Forsythe Library, Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS (2017)
.     Other panelists included: James Austin, Writing Circles participants

“John Steinbeck & Of Mice and Men.” Benefit for Santa Cruz Young Writers Program.  Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, CA  (2016)
.     Panelists included: Susan Shillinglaw (Dir. of National Steinbeck Center), Daisy Martin (Dir. of History/Social Studies Performance Assessment at Stanford), Chuck Carlise (UCSC Lecturer in Writing)

“The Writer’s Life.” BoldFace Conference Panel.  M.D. Anderson Library, University of Houston, TX (2011)
.     Panelists included BoldFace Writers Conference Faculty.

“The Big Questions: Grad School, Revision, and Teaching as a Writer.” BoldFace Conference Panel.  M.D. Anderson Library, University of Houston, TX (2010)
.     Panelists included BoldFace Writers Conference Faculty.


“Debates & Dry-Runs: Teaching Composition by Not Teaching Composition”
University of Houston, Teaching Conference, Houston, TX (2011)

“Rebellion, the Dead, & the Culture of Cool: Counterculture & Credibility in America”
Southwest/Texas Pop Culture & American Culture Association Annual Meeting, Albequerque, NM (2002)

“De-Composing Naomi: Grief & Resolution in Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Kaddish’”
National Undergraduate Literature Conference, Ogden, UT (1999)


“How do We Get There from Here? Character and Fiction Writing”
Fort Hays State University, Guest Lecture, Hays, KS (2017)

“I Have a Confession to Make: Multi-Genre Public Writing Workshop”
Forsythe Library, Public Writing Workshop, Hays, KS (2017)

“The Devil in the Details: Joyce Carol Oates and Arnold Friend”
Fort Hays University, Guest Lecture, Hays, KS (2017)

“Another Kind of Home: Marilyn Robinson’s Housekeeping
Fort Hays University, Guest Lecture, Hays, KS (2017)

“The Opposite of Anesthetic: The Value of Literature in the 21st Century”
Keynote Speach, Sigma Tau Delta Regional Conference, Hayes, KS (2017)

“It Matters How You Live: What is a Writer’s Life?”
Wittenberg University, Guest Lectures, Springfield, OH (2017)

“The Most Kissed Face in the World: Resusci-Anne and the Unknown of the Seine”
Wittenberg University, Colloquium Series, Springfield, OH (2017)

“Into That Story: The Poetic Sequence & the Thread”
For Hayes State University, Guest Lecture, Hayes, KS (2015)

“Tiny Beautiful Things: The Four-Part Writing Lesson”
WITS Fall Writer’s Training, Houston, TX (2011)

Let Me Tell You a Little About Me: Narcissism, Non-Fiction & Finding a Story to Tell”
BoldFACE Writer’s Conference, Craft Talk, Houston, TX (2011)

“Thresholds & Collisions: Toward Urgency in Poetry Writing”
University of Houston, Guest Lecture/Craft Talk, Houston, TX (2011)

“This Exact Spot in Space:  Lyric, Fragmentia, & the Poem as Constellation”
BoldFACE Writer’s Conference, Craft Talk, Houston, TX (2010)

The Best Minds of Whose Generation?: Relevance & the Beats in the 21st Century”
Wittenberg University, Guest Lecture, Springfield, OH (2004)

Selected Poetry/Literary Readings

Sigma Tau Delta Keynote Reading, High Plains Regional Conference, Hays, KS (2017)

Pete’s Big Salmon Reading Series, Pete’s Candy Shop, Brooklyn, NY (with David Eye, Martha Rhodes) (2017)

Trident Book Sellers, Boston, MA (2017)

Wittenberg University Colloquium Series, Springfield, OH (2017)

Wild Writers Poetry Salon, Poetry Jazz Café, Toronto, Ont. (2017)

Poetry in Akron featured reader, Blue Door Café, Akron, OH (2017)

Curbside Books & Records (with C. Russell Price, Holly Amos, Meredith Maltby, Erin Watson), Chicago, IL (2017)

Indy Reads Books, Indianapolis, IN (2017)

Literati Books (with Susannah Lang), Ann Arbor, MI (2017)

Niagara Falls Reading, Niagara Falls, Ont. (2017)

With Poetry Reading Series (with Jeremy Glazier), Milo Arts Center, Columbus, OH (2017)

Flour City Yawp, Radio Interview and Reading, Rochester, NY (2017)

Voyageur Book Shop, Milwaukee, WI (2017)

Art Bar Poetry Series (with Pearl Pirie, Darrell Epp), Free Times Café, Toronto, Ont. (2017)

Sunday’s at Erv’s (with Alexandra Watson, Nina Boutsikaris, YZ Chin), Erv’s on Beekman, Brooklyn, NY (2017)

City Books (with Jason Kirin), Pittsburgh, PA (2017)

Book-Signing.  AWP. Washington D.C. (2017)

“Show & Tell” Reading Series, SE 58th Café, Portland, OR (2013)

“Three for Three,” Featured Reader.  Three Friends Coffeehouse Series, Portland, OR (2013)

Poetry Night, Featured Reader.  The Amadeus Project, Bellingham, WA (2012)

InPrint Prize Winners Reading.  Houston, TX (2012)

“This is Beautiful, This is Beautiful: Six Small Presses.”  AWP.  Simone’s, Chicago, IL (2012)

Word for Word Series (with Kevin Prufer, Edward Porter).  14 Pews, Houston, TX (2011)

BoldFACE Faculty Reading (with Rebecca Wadlinger).  M.D. Anderson Library, Houston, TX (2011)

Gulf Coast Reading Series, (with Ryler Dustin, Quincy Flowers).  Brazo’s Books, Houston, TX (2011)

BoldFACE Faculty Reading (with Adam Peterson). M.D. Anderson Library, Houston, TX (2010)

Poison Pen Reading Series (with Michael Dumanis).  Poison Girl.  Houston, TX (2009)

Dairy Hollow Fellows Reading.  Writer’s Colony at Dairy Hollow, Eureka Springs, AR (2008)

KUHF 88.7 FM, “The Front Row” Interview and Reading.  Houston, TX (2008)

Gulf Coast Reading Series (with Jeanine Walker, David Lombardi).  Brazo’s Book, Houston, TX (2008)

Alberta Street Readers, (with Arlo Voorhies).  Alberta Street Public House, Portland, OR (2007)

Bold-Sky Poetry Series (with Brittany Baldwin).  Bold-Sky Café, Portland, OR (2006)

Poet-in-Residence Readings, Henry’s Coffee Shop, Lawrence, KS (2004)

Poet-in-Residence Readings, Milton’s Café, Lawrence, KS (2004)

UCD Winter Reading Series (with Kirsten Lundstrum , Christien Gholson).  Café Roma, Davis, CA (2003)

UCD Winter Reading Series (with Mark Pearson, Jodi Angel).  Café Roma, Davis, CA (2002)

Writer / Teacher / Scholar

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